Planning and management of promotions for retail businesses are important. The effectiveness of marketing strategies can be increased by targeting at the right time and place. Pre-planning and managing from the desired location simplifies this process.

Get rid of fixed costs

To get rid of the costs of producing and placing printed advertising materials, create your advertising materials digitally and send them instantly to all your screens.

Increase your turnover

Use digital signage application as a tool that can increase total sales in retail stores by an average of 32%. Attract customers' attention and engage with them using eye-catching sales content.

Improve customer experience

Digital signage applications are an effective way to enhance customers' shopping experience. You can attract customers' attention using customized content and interactive features. This increases the likelihood of purchases by encouraging customers to stay longer in your store and explore more products.

Earn advertising revenue

High-resolution digital screens that are remotely managed provide the opportunity to generate income from third-party advertisers by offering unique advertising placement opportunities. This can be accomplished through digital signage applications located inside or outside the store.

Create interactive scenarios

Create interactive scenarios on touch screens in your stores for up-selling and cross-selling. This provides an effective way to better showcase your products to your customers and guide them to other products. Interactive scenarios allow your customers to examine products more closely and learn about their features.

Share promotions

To exclude store staff from the promotion change process, upload pre-planned promotions remotely. This ensures a smooth playback of promotions and reduces the workload of the staff. Additionally, you can measure the effectiveness of promotions by monitoring the upload status and playback statistics of each piece of content.

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